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started on 5/4/2014

‣ T H E  C H Ū N I N  N E T W O R K
We are the future.
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R ules

i. Following  me will increase your chances of being chosen, but it’s not required! My blog’s not for everyone, after all ( ´∀`)☆
ii. Must reblog this post! Likes don’t count, sorry!
iii. Must fill out  this application!
iv. Must be willing to post  this badge somewhere on your blog!

L ooking for

i. Kind, courteous members! There will be NO ship wars/flaming under any circumstances allowed in the network, and that is final. Everyone has a right to view, express, and enjoy Naruto as they please! Stir up any trouble and you will be removed at once!
ii. Naruto/anime/scenery/gaming/photography/overall nice blogs similar to my own! Naruto is a definite (and obvious) bonus!
iii. Eye-catching themes/html work/etc. (not required, but helps!)

P erks

i. A follow from me (and hopefully other members!)
ii. Voting help from fellow members!
iii. Shoulders to cry on as fictional characters spiral our lives out of control
iv. (Potential) chat friends! (Depends on member interest)
v. Help with any fumbling about you’d like to do with html!
vi. RP Partners/Art/Writing prompts galore?! The possibilities are endless here, folks!

H ousekeeping

i. When applying, be sure to list chūnin that you feel passionately about! They are to represent you, and you are to represent them, so make it count!
ii. Your application will make up the bulk of the reason you are chosen (or not). Please put effort into it if you’d like to be accepted, as there are only eleven slots available!
iii. This network will be open for applications until a decent amount of notes accumulate. Please track #chuninnetwork for updates! 
iv. Are the chūnin of Naruto a little too wreckless for you? Why not apply for the jōnin network! Please note that you may only apply to ONE of the Naruto networks run by me. If you apply for both, I will assume you are only interested in joining the one you first submitted an application for. Keep it fair, and choose wisely!

‣ B E S T  O F  L U C K!
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