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started on 5/4/2014

I FINALLY created my first network on here! :DThis is: The Walking Dead NetworkRules:Must be following me and KyraReblog this post (LIKES DON’T COUNT)Fill out this application
You must put this badge somewhere on your blog if you get accepted.Benefits:A bunch of new friends to talk to/fangirl with.Help with voting, reblogs and likes on your posts (basically a world where all of your selfies/text posts/edits etc. get notes).Promos.Gain followers.Group convos!Info:Blog type does not matter :)There are 14 free spots.That’s it guys. Be good and good luck!

Adventure time network!i just really love adventure time, and i hope you do to![ Badge/apply/network ]rules;
reblog this post
apply here
follow me (please)
any blog type!
must be nice to each other (duh)
must put the badge on your blog (i’ll help if you need it)
new friends!
an adventure time chat!
help with HTML, polls, ect (i will help you with anything humanly possible)
adventure time fun and i might do quizzes and competitions and stuff! (if ya want)
~here is the network!
I’ll pick 24 people to begin with~more later maybe?when i get enough applications/ notes on here i’ll pick and message you (so make sure your ask box is open)